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Series 300 Pressure Instrument Valves

Whether your application is in the pharmaceutical, refining, nuclear, petroleum, chemical, power generating, or other liquid or gas control system, the need for valves in pressure instrument monitoring is clear. Equally clear is the fact that the proper calibration and inspection of control systems requires instrument valves that deliver precision engineered performance, reliability and cost efficiency. Now available for commercial industry, Technical Products Series 300 Instrument Valves offer unsurpassed high quality as a result of the rigorous and stringent military specification processes demanded for qualification by the U.S. government.

Superior Design and Construction

Technical Products Series 300 Instrument Valves are the product of an advanced third generation design, providing a simplified construction which offers high reliability for liquids or gases at pressures up to 6,000 PSI. Each valve is constructed of the highest quality materials, in accordance with military specifications – Standard materials for the body, bonnet, and stem are either stainless steel or nickel-copper alloy.

The Series 300 Valve’s superior design is evident throughout its construction – The stem moves through the valve body, reducing wear; a meta-lto-metal back seat prevents the stem from backing out of the valve body; system pressure causes the O-Ring to isolate the bonnet during valve cycling; the ergonomically designed aluminum handle provides for fast and precise opening and closing of the valve; and a straight-bore flow path delivers fluid with minimal turbulence.

Unmatched Cost Effectiveness

Thanks to their advanced, simplified design, Series 300 Instrument Valves are easy to disassemble and are completely refurbishable. No special tools are required for removal of the valve stem, and replacement stems and other wear items are always in stock and available. This capability, unique to Technical Products’ instrument valves, can substantially reduce overall costs by decreasing the interval at which valves must be replaced. The Series 300 Instrument Valve’s easily removable, keyless/clipless handle greatly simplifies panel installations and removals for refurbishment, further reducing labor costs.

The Instrument Valve for Your Application Guaranteed

Series 300 Instrument Valves are available in a wide variety of physical and material configurations. Common configuration options include valves constructed of stainless steel or nickel-copper alloys; valves with a globe or angle body configuration; valves provided with standard socket weld union ends, tube flareless ends, double MS threads, or NPT female ends; valves with or without a fitting cap; and valves with or without a panel mounting nut. Technical Products guarantees that it can provide the pressure instrument valves you require. If a valve which meets your needs is not available in a standard configuration, Technical Products will custom-design a Series 300 Instrument Valve to precisely match your specification.


  • Third generation, simplified design delivers precision performance and high reliability.
  • Design meets stringent military specifications.
  • Availability of replacement parts for refurbishment extends valve life and reduces costs.
  • Keyless, clipless handle provides ease of installation and removal.
  • Eliminate safety issues, reduces dangerous purging.
  • Eliminate unnecessary tube fabrication, installs inline with gauge.


  • Performance rated to 6,000 PSI at temperatures from 20°F to 600°F.
  • Positive back seat prevents the stem from backing out of the body.
  • Available in a wide range of materials and configurations, custom configurations as required.
  • Available with an extensive range of fittings for virtually any application.

Needle, Vented Stem, 1/4″ OD Socketweld Tube End


Basic valve configuration complies with the requirements of MIL-V-24578. Working Pressure is 6,000 PSI. Additional adapters are available for connection to pipe and straight thread ends, flareless ends, and union ends.

Catalog Number Body Type Inlet Connection Outlet Connection
6GN381 Angle 9/16-18 Male Union End w/Nut & Tailpiece 9/16-18 Male Union End w/Nut & Tailpiece
6GN382 Inline 9/16-18 Male Union End w/Nut & Tailpiece 9/16-18 Male Union End w/Nut & Tailpiece

Ordering Information

Dash (-) System Fluid Application
-1 WOG Standard (Stainless Steel)
-2 WOG High Corrosion Resistant (Monel)
-3 WOG High Temperature to 600° F (Stainless Steel)
-4 WOG High Corr. Resist/High Temp. to 600° F (Monel)
-6 Hydraulic High Corrosion Resistant (Monel)
-7 WOG Non-Magnetic (Stainless Steel)
-8 Hydraulic Standard (Stainless Steel)

Additional configurations are available for special applications, please contact our sales department with your requirements.