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PLUG VALVE (P)Groove machined into valve guide prevent heat build-up caused by pressure surge; allows smooth, even flow. NEEDLE VALVE (N) Tapered configuration of valve guide & seat allows metering of flow. STOP CHECK VALVE (SC) Spring-loaded design allows flow in one direction only when valve is open; stops all flow when valve is closed

As the cross-section above demonstrates, TECH-O-SEAL valves are designed to provide a combination of flow requirements, each one incorporating the soft-seat, leakproof seal. In addition, these valves can accommodate different fluids and/or temperatures by simply selecting the appropriate sealing materials.

The TECH-O-SEAL Valve System


The TECH-O-SEAL valve system employs the use of a completely removable cartridge assembly which includes the seating portion of the valve. As the photo demonstrates, TECH-O-SEAL valve cartridges, which may be ordered separately, can be placed into any TECH-O-SEAL valve body of the same size and thereby allow complete interchangeability within the system. This unique capability provides design flexibility and saves valuable changeover time, should changes in the system become necessary.

Cartridges, when used with inline, angle, or direct weld bodies, make up the various standard TECH-O-SEAL valves, which are shown below. Other body styles and end configurations are available on request, such as threaded or sil-braze ends. Please consult factory for details. In any case, the user is assured of leakproof integrity and maintenance-free operation with the use of the versatile TECH-O-SEAL system.


Plug/Globe, Needle, Stop Check

• These valves comply with MIL-Y-24109
•• Centerline of valve stem is angled approximately 12° from the perpendicular to the piping.

Standard O-Rings are BUNA-N.
For other seal types please specify.
Working pressure: 6,000 PSI.
Water, oil, and gas service.
Material: Bronze body.
Normal temperature range: -20° F to +230° F.

Union nuts and tailpieces found on pages 46-68 of the printed catalog provide sil-braze, socket weld, butt weld, male/female straight and pipe thread connections.

Catalog No. for Needle Valve is 6GN80
Catalog No. for Stop Check Valve is 6GSC80

Pipe Size Catalog Number “A” “B” Approx. “D” Appox “E” THD. Flow Dia
Closed Open
*1/8 6GP80-0 2-3/4 3-3/4 3-15/16 3-1/2 1″-14 7/32
*1/4 6GP80-1 3-3/8 4-1/16 4-13/32 3-1/2 1-3/16-12 5/16
*3/8 6GP80-2 4″ 4-7/8 5-5/16 3-1/2 1-3/8-12 7/16
*1/2 6GP80-3 4-1/4 6-1/8 6-21/32 4-1/2 1-3/4-12 1/2
*3/4 6GP80-4 4-5/8 6-3/16 6-3/4 5-1/4 2″-12 5/8
*1″ 6GP80-5 5- 1/4 7-9/16 8-5 /32 7- 1/4 2-5/16-12 13/16
*1-1/4 6GP80-6 6 1/2 7-5/8 8-7/32 9″ 2-3/4-12 1″
**1-1/2 6GP80-7 9″ 10″ 11″ 11-1/2 3-1/16-12 1- 1/4
**2″ 6GP80-8 9-1/2 10- 3/8 11-3/8 14″ 3- 3/4-12 1-9/16


Ordering Information for Options

Panel-Mounted Valve -P Underwater Service -U
Oxygen Service -OX Vented (Above or Below Seal) -VA or -VB
High Temperature -M Removable Handle -HE
Special Materials Please Specify Limit-Switch Equipped -LS