Underway Replenishment Products

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Underway Replenishment Products

Hydrasearch is the world’s leading manufacturer of underway replenishment equipment – a core product line since the early 1960s. Our comprehensive range of offerings include equipment and components for fueling, solid cargo and vertical replenishment-at-sea. Most of our products meet the requirements of U.S. Military Specifications and U.S. Navy Drawings.

Quality Control Ensures Reliability

Supplying high quality products is our foremost concern at Hydrasearch. We maintain an ISO 9001 registered Quality System which ensures strict adherence to requirements. Many Hydrasearch products contain special codes that can be traced to a specific heat of raw material whose chemical and physical properties have been analyzed, tested, and recorded.

Complete Customer Satisfaction

Supplying products that meet strict design and quality standards is only part of our mission. At Hydrasearch, we strive to establish and maintain close relationships with each of our customers. We pay attention to the little details that will help you obtain just what you need, when you need it. If your requirements call for more than a “standard” product, our technical sales staff will work to satisfy those special needs.

Alpha-Numeric Listing

Please contact the Hydrasearch Technical Sales Department at (410) 643-8900 or email us at sales@hydrasearch.com for pricing and availability information.

Ordering Information

When ordering, all bulk hose and assembly lengths are in inches. For example, 420L = 35 feet long. Bore Sizes are noted as follows: 25 = 2-1/2” 6 = 6” 4 = 4” 7 = 7” All flanges denoted by “F” have ANSI Standard 150# dimensions. All dimensions are given in inches. (See below for explanation of a typical part number) A – ADP – 4FS – 25MHT Aluminum* Adapter 4” Female 2-1/2” Male Split Clamp Hose Thread *Prefix denotes material. Some parts are available in alternate materials. Use appropriate prefix when ordering.

Accuracy of Information

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information contained in this catalog. While we cannot assume liability for any errors or omissions, we encourage you to contact our Customer Service Department with such information, so that the necessary changes can be made.

Statement of Guaranty

Hydrasearch Company, Inc. guarantees that its own designed and manufactured equipment meets the overall specifications, technical proposals or published catalog data. Hydrasearch equipment is guaranteed to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for twelve (12) months from date of shipment. Components purchased for the above equipment, and under warranty by another manufacturer, carry that manufacturer’s warranty only. Liabilities under this warranty are limited to the replacement, correction, or repair of the defect at the original place of shipment. No liability can be accepted for the loss of revenues due to non-operation of equipment, nor for the cost of repair beyond those stated above.