Hose End Fittings & Adapters

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The part numbers for all fittings may have one, two or three dash numbers to indicate size. Where only one dash number is given, the assembly has the same size at all ends. All dash numbers are expressed in sixteenths of an inch, as shown in the table below. For example:

hose end1

Threaded Parts

Part numbers for fittings with threaded ends always have two or three dash numbers. For example:

hose end2 hose end3


To order a reducer, two or three or dash numbers must be given to indicate the different end sizes.

hose end8 hose end7

The most frequently used fittings are shown in the table. Any other fittings can be ordered by using the proper dash numbers.

Size Dash No. Size Dash No.
1/8 -2 3/4 -12
1/4 -4 1″ -16
3/8 -6 1-1/4 -20
1/2 -8 1-1/2 -24
5/8 -10 2″ -32

Hose Assemblies

hose end5

Hose assemblies are available in a variety of pressure and service applications. Hose sizes are specified in 1/16 of an inch. Please: specify size, pressure requirements, fitting material, and overall length (“A” dimension).