6000 Series Fittings, Couplings & Union Assemblies

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A Confined O-RING Eliminates Leaks

As the figure above demonstrates, TECH-O-SEAL fittings utilize the simplicity of containing pressure from vacuum to 6000 PSI (Temperature range – 320°F to 600°F) with an O-Ring confined in a groove between two flat surfaces, held together with a union nut. Light wrenching of the nut is all that is required to seal the O-Ring, and the resulting seal eliminates leakage caused by vibration or surge in pressure.

The TECH-O-SEAL system is far superior to old bite-type or metal-to-metal seals in that it can be taken apart and reassembled at will with no loss of sealing capability, and will never vibrate loose once it is tightened. An increase in pressure actually strengthens the O-Ring seal, and once assembled it never needs re-tightening.

TECH-O-SEAL fittings are designed for use with TECH-O-SEAL valves or can be used as assemblies (shown above). All fittings are available in a wide variety of materials and diverse end configurations, offering complete system flexibility.

The figures below demonstrate the ability of the TECH-O-SEAL system to provide one-step line changes in various ways:


In all cases, the user is assured of leakproof integrity and maintenance-free operation with the TECH-O-SEAL system. The following pages show most standard TECH-O-SEAL fittings. However, Technical Products is always available to design and manufacture fittings to fit your particular needs. Simply call or write us with your specifications, and we will design your fitting for you. In addition, many metric sizes and reducing sizes, although not shown, are available. Please consult factory for details and specifications.

Ordering Information

TECH-O-SEAL fittings are categorized and sized by a dash number system for ease of ordering
& assembly. The dash numbers for pipe and tube are as follows:

Size Dash No. (Pipe) Dash No. (O.D. Tube)
1/8 -0 -2
1/4 -1 -4
3/8 -2 -6
1/2 -3 -8
3/4 -4 -12
1″ -5 -16
1-1/4 -6 -20
1-1/2 -7 -27
2″ -8 -32

The part number sequence is as follows:

TP Series 6,000 Series
Style Nut, Elbow, Threadpiece, etc.
Configuration Pipe or tube; socket weld, sil-braze, etc.
Union Size Number designation
Fitting end size Pipe or tube size

FOR EXAMPLE: A 1/2″ IPS socket weld threadpiece in stainless steel would be ordered as follows:


*Please note that all union end sizes must be the same dash number for the components to be  assembled.